scott winn

Consultant, Fractional Executive, and Leadership Coach

As the leader of a small or medium business, do you find often need the help or expertise of a senior-level teammate, but lack the resources to hire a full-time employee?

With decades of experience in leadership, sales and business development, management, marketing, technology commercialization, product management, and new market development, I help business leaders solve complex problems at a fraction of the cost of a full-time executive.

Offering my services on a fractional basis means you can get the help you need without a long-term commitment to a full-time employee.

I also offer Executive Coaching to a select group of clients.

If that sounds like something that could be helpful to you or your organization, let’s find a time to talk.

How can I help you?

Every organization can benefit from the skills and experience of a senior executive. Adding a seasoned person to share the workload, to guide and mentor new employees, or handle a particular project or solve a problem can be a real accelerator for growth.

Unfortunately, many companies lack the resources needed to bring on a senior person full-time. Others may have the resources, but need short-term help with a particular problem or project.

I help companies via fractional engagements (for example, a certain number of hours per week/month). Projects often include defined work engagements, such as a customer discovery initiative, some market research, the development of a white paper or technical publication, or strategizing a new product or service offering.

Other situations may call for someone to join the team over a longer span of time; perhaps to serve as an interim leader, to help with strategy development and execution, to help a service company develop a product offering, or to launch a new sales initiative.

I also offer leadership coaching to a select group of clients. These engagements usually include weekly or bi-weekly video meetings. During these calls, I help clients think through challenges, work toward personal growth goals, and provide mentoring and accountability.

Engagements generally fall into one of these categories:


Strategy development and execution, Product launch, Meeting facilitation, Customer discovery, Transitional leadership.


Executive coaching, Leadership development, Interim CXO/VP, Assistance with long-term revenue growth initiatives.


Usually a front-loaded work plan; often full-time at the beginning, then a fractional engagement to continue supporting the initiative.

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